How to Dry Your Bra & Panties in Privacy.
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Space Saving Unmentionables Drying Accessory for You

The little things in life do matter!

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Bras and panties, slips, hosiery, camisoles, bustier, nightgowns all these are Unmentionables for majority womens.

So now
How to dry your unmentionables (bra & panties) the right way?
Here is the brief answer...

Do not place your under garments for drying high up at window or balcony in direct harsh sunlight this summer or public eyes if you are living in apartment.

Because, as everyone say that prevention is better than cure, you will secure your undergarments from harsh sun rays as well as from being stolen.

As some boys with fetish for women's lingerie residing in your apartment will not get any chance to fantasize about you by watching your bra and panties.Fantasizing is not love for you but it is an act of lust towards you shown by crazy guys.

Also in addition various people residing in your apartment having visual access to your bra and panties may start visualizing a perception towards you (you can understand what we mean to say),so dry your undergarments away from public eyes and play safe. This way you will secure your lingerie from thiefs.

Use the wall mount foldable lingerie drying stand,which is easy, practical and as beautiful as your bra too.Its space saving design folds against the wall when not in use.You can install the easy dry stand for your delicate molded cup bra on balcony wall at such a height, so that your unmentionables will not get visual access.

The lines of easy drying foldable stand are made from stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Small in stature, yet big in taking care of your little things.

No more drying bras and panties on door knobs & shower rods.Prevents smashed or lumpy delicate bras.Extends life. Optimum spacing between 2 lines of bra and panty drying stand for quick air drying and to prevent mildew.

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